Mad Sushi Teaser
Mad Sushi Ingame 1
Mad Sushi Ingame 2

Mad Sushi Adventure

Follow young Yoshi on his adventure to become Japan's greatest sushi chef!

Mad Sushi Adventure is a collection of diverse mini-games; each must be beaten to experience Yoshi’s full story told through the included virtual comic book. As you beat each level, each one testing a different set of your gaming skills, you will unlock more chapters!

Play through the game on Story Mode to unlock additional chapters or return to your favourite levels to play whenever you want in Free Play. Who knows? Maybe we will see your score on the top of our Global Leaderboards!

Be prepared to meet our cast of zany characters including: Zombies, Sumo Wrestlers, Ninjas, Rocker Gangs, Japanese Movie Stars, Poisonous Fish, and a gigantic monster set on destroying the world!